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How to Join English Spelling Competition The Daily Star Spelling Bee?

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I want to participate in English Spelling Competition "The Daily Star Spelling Bee". Kindly inform me how I can join and what is the rules to participate in English Spelling Competition The Daily Star Spelling Bee?

The Daily Star Spelling Bee

asked Feb 11, 2012 in Arts and Entertainment by Bangladeshi Friend (9,660 points)  
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20 Answers

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The second season of "Spelling Bee" was launched on 15-January-2013

Any student studying in Class VI-X is eligible to participate in Spelling Bee.

Students from both English and Bangla mediums are eligible to participate.

The candidates of SSC and O-Level examinations 2013 are NOT eligible to participate in Spelling Bee.

The participant must be a Bangladeshi.

Any Non-Resident Bangladeshi student can participate in Spelling Bee provided (s)he is a student of Class VI- X.

The speller must not bypass or circumvent normal school activity to study for Spelling Bee.

Upon successfully being selected for the divisional round, the speller must fill up the divisional round access form (to be obtained from the Champs21 website) and bring it along with him/her to the divisional round venue

Are you already a registered user of www.champs21.com? If yes, just log in to your account and start playing Spell Bangladesh to participate in the Online Round.

With your user credentials, all you need to do is play "Spell Bangladesh". As per game rules, if you make one mistake, you're out of the game! The good news is that you can play the game as many times as you want until the 1st Round ends on February 28, 2013. Your best score will be considered and only top spellers of your division will be selected for the 2nd Round.

answered Jan 18, 2013 by Admin (20,835 points)  
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Bangladesh's first English spelling competition, "The Daily Star Spelling Bee", starts on 01st February 2012.

Spelling Bee is an internationally acclaimed competition that has been introduced in around 50 other countries so far.

Sponsor in Bangladesh:
In Bangladesh, English spelling competition, The Daily Star Spelling Bee has been introduced by Champs21.com with The Daily Star. It is sponsored by Horlicks.

Who can participate the competition:
The Daily Star Spelling Bee contest, taking place on internet at www.champs21.com. Students from class six to ten of both Bangla and English medium schools can join English spelling competition The Daily Star Spelling Bee contest.

How to register:
Participants will have to register themselves online from www.champs21.com or through their mobile phones by sending SMS.

For SMS registration, a student should type SB and send it to 16252.

The first round of English spelling competition, The Daily Star Spelling Bee will continue from February 01 2012 to March 10, 2012. Students may play the game as many times as they want. Only the best score will be considered.

Top spellers from the first round will be selected and moved to a division level round of English spelling competition, The Daily Star Spelling Bee.

From the division level round, all over the nation, the top 72 spellers will move to a TV based round.

Students may get word clues and help from The Daily Star. It will have a special section for Spelling Bee from where the daily words for the game will come.

Interested students who do not have access to PCs may access the competition by going online through their mobile phones, as the website has a convenient mobile application.

answered Feb 11, 2012 by Admin (20,835 points)  
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I want to goin the spelling competition . i am in class III were should i come to particepate the competition. please kindly email me at my father's email adrees. so i can perticrpate and learn more.


answered Feb 15, 2012 by anonymous   3
For participate, you have to register yourself from http://www.champs21.com or through mobile phones by sending SMS to 16252 typing SB. For 1st round you have to play online games (educational) from http://www.champs21.com and top speller will be selected for divisional level round. After divisional round, top 72 spellers will move to TV show round.

Best of Luck!
One more thing, 1st round of English spelling competition "The Daily Star Spelling Bee" will ends on 10 March, 2012. So Hurry!
make yourself  be active....don't sit & complaint...just fight it instead........ Always remember 3things.... recycle, reuse & restore.Hopeful u'll get success very soon.
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there is 2 chances to participate in spelling bees competition.1. you can register your name in INTERNET at the web address: WWW champs21.com.and there you will get question and by answering correctly you can get a chance in spelling bees competition.
2.the spelling bees judge team will go to your school. They take 3 person from school and if you are one of the lucky and worthy person between all 3 of students you will get chance to participate in The DAILY STAR SPELLING BEES competition.
By doing all these things you can participateb in Spelling bees competition

answered Mar 1, 2012 by anonymous   3
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my name is syedmahimrikthy iam from adamjee cantonment public school iwould like to participate in this competition

answered Jan 21, 2013 by anonymous   3
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How to register in spelling bee

answered Jan 22, 2013 by MIRAJ (40 points)  
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i like spelling bee. i always see spelling bee on television. and i am in class IX on English Version . i am very excited to go .please, please give me a chance.

answered Jan 22, 2013 by maishaneha (40 points)  

i like spelling bee.I always see spelling bee on.....

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I am Sajid.I am in class 8.I am in Chittagong Collegiate School.I like to play Spelling Bee.

answered Jan 29, 2013 by Abdullah-Al-Sajid (40 points)  
Hi! I'm shakib mahmub.Trust me i think myself i'm the best one in the sleeping bee competition.Is there have anyone who want to compete with me.....pls contact with me.......if u wish..01830482797.
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I want to join speeling bee

answered Feb 16, 2013 by Rbiul Hossen Robin (40 points)  
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Dear Daily Star,

I am Antora Mitilda Das and I study in class-7. I am from Methodist English Medium School. I want to take part in the Spell Bee Competition. Please kindly e-mail me with all the information at my mother's e-mail address (santona71@gmail.com) so that I can participate in this competition and learn more.

Thank You.

answered Feb 23, 2013 by anonymous   3