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List of superstores and chain shops in Bangladesh

0 votes

Please tell me the name of super stores and chain shops available in Bangladesh.

asked Jan 15, 2013 in Business & Finance by Bangladeshi Friend (9,570 points)  
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1 Answer

0 votes

Popular superstores and chain shops
Meena Bazar
Prince Bazar

Other superstores and chain shops
Lavender Super Store
Pick & Pay
Price Club
Tokyo Super Shop
Family Needs
Checkers Digital
Amana Super Shop
Oceania Super Store
Almas Super Shop
R B Super Market
G Mart Super Market Ltd.
Shoptorshi Super Shop
Family World Pvt. Ltd.
Family Touch Super Shop
Consumer Mega Shop Ltd.
UFS Collection
Kazi Super Store
MBK Mall

answered Jan 15, 2013 by Admin (20,495 points)  

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